A former deans list student with a strong background in entrepreneurship, Michael’s career started to develop when he generated over $2 million online for other businesses through Search Engine Optimization in under 2 years. Servicing businesses across a broad range of industries such as, but not limited to, publically traded investment companies, national tax relief businesses, large law firms, multimillion-dollar dentistries, international lending services, stem cell therapy clinics, health practices, digital marketers, NGO Charities, and other businesses.

Michael’s skills extend deeper into technology with a CCNT Certification (Cisco Certified Network Technician), and previous experience doing volunteer work for a multimillion-dollar self-development company from 2011-2013 has created a strong backbone in IT. Furthermore, tens of thousands of dollars have gone into Michael’s own self-education with regards to facebook marketing, AdWords, website design and more, but Michael’s current sole focus is on search engine optimization results.

On June 27th, 2017, Michael spoke on a webinar hosted by Tai Lopez with some of the most prominent and recognizable names in online advertising. People that have generated 10’s of millions of dollars online, humbly speaking, for their clients. Michael spoke with regards to how well he was able to succeed within his field in such a short time frame, simply by following mentorship advice from doer’s within his network. 

As of 2019, Michael proudly and candidly added a huge success in the SEO field. Michael directly oversaw and managed the ranking of a publically traded business website for the keyword “bitcoin”- a search term with over 7.5 million searches a month online, and debatably one of the most difficult keywords to rank for in the world currently (8/12/19). Said client (name withheld due to standing NDA) is now on page one of Google for the keyword “bitcoin”.

Michael currently is attending the Harvard Extension School to finish a Bachelors of Liberal Arts with a Concentration of Business. The Harvard Extension School is a perfect fit for Michael as it allows 40% of classes to be taken online while the remaining 60% are on campus. 

Hobbies for Michael mostly includes photography and studying other languages. Michael currently is studying Japanese and is conversationally fluent in Spanish, with plans to study Gulf Arabic, Mandarin and Cantonese, various Romance Languages, and a few other languages in the future.

There are various other accolades Michael is proud of that aren’t worth mentioning. To get in touch please send an email to [email protected]. Thank you!